If you are thinking of buying a new car, then it is well worth considering whether it will be too expensive. There are lots of costs associated with buying a car and lots of areas where you may have to pay more money. Therefore, it is well worth considering all of the costs very carefully before deciding whether to get one.

Cost of the Car

The cost of the car might be the only thing that you think of initially. This is a big chunk of the cost but there are other costs to consider as well. However, think about what value for money you are getting form the car and whether it is worth what you are paying. If you are buying a brand new car, then it will lose money as soon as you drive it home and you need to consider whether this is something that you are prepared to do. Second hand cars can offer better value for money because of this, but as they have had previous owners then you need to be cautious about the condition of the car. If you know what to look for then you will find choosing one easier, but if you do not, then it could be a good idea to go with a dealer as you will have some come back if you get problems with it. It is a good idea to do some research first and find out what the normal asking price is for the type of car that you are considering buying and then you can use that to help you decide if you are getting good value for money.


The insurance costs on your car will vary depending on the car that you choose to drive. Therefore, it can be a good idea to research this first and try to choose a car that is not expensive to insure. The cost of the car will have some bearing but there will also be some models which are cheaper to insure than others.


The tax on the car can also be something which you will need to think about. There are different tax bands and they are partly determined by the size of the vehicle as well as how environmentally friendly they are. It is good to be aware of which band the vehicle you are looking at will be in. The seller should be able to tell you this information so that you can check out the price.

Services and Repairs

Some cars will be cheaper to service and repair than others. This is because some have parts which wear out more quickly and some have parts which are more expensive. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that you do a bit of research to find out what the prices are likely to be like compared to other makes and models so that you can factor this in to your decision.

So, although buying the car itself will be a big financial hit, it is also worth considering the running costs. These vary between between different cars and they could have a significant impact on you as well. If you are paying out a lot of money for these things, then you could find that you will struggle to cover the costs as well as other things that you need to pay for. Therefore, make sure that you know what to expect with regards to these costs and this will help you to make sure that you choose a car that you will be confident that you will be able to afford.