Many of us have items in our homes that we do not really use or even want any more. There are different things that we can do with them, perhaps throw them away, give them away or donate to charity. However, there is often money to be made from this sort of thing and it can be a good idea to think about where might be a good place to sell the things so that you can make some money from them.


EBay is the place that most people would think of when they want to sell things. It can be a good place but only if you have the right sorts of things to sell. For example, you will need to think carefully about the costs of selling on eBay as there will be fees for this and when you receive payment through Paypal there will be additional fees as well. This is fine, but you will need to make sure that you take these into account so that you charge enough to cover them. You will also find that certain things will sell a lot better. It is good to look at what has sold recently and for ho much so that you can get an idea of whether you should sell on the site of not. You will also find that sellers with a good reputation are likely to be able to make more money selling on eBay and so you need to look at your own reputation on eBay and check that it is in good standing. If you have very valuable items it can be risky selling them on eBay in an auction so make sure you have a reserve or that you sell at a fixed price so you do not end up selling for less than it is worth.


On Amazon, you can sell books and some other products as well. They will take a cut though, so you will need to make sure that you are selling items for enough money to be able to make enough money to cover this. It is important to note they take some of the postage as well as the selling amount. You will find that you can only sell items which are already listed on there, but you can make up listings for new items but they have to be approved. IT is not as straightforward to do this than on eBay.

Car boot sale

You could sell some items at a car boot sale. These are particularly good id you have lots of items that are not worth loads of money or a big random mix of things. You will not be able to raise loads of money at a car boot sale as buyers will be expecting to get a bargain. However, it can be an opportunity to get rid of a lot of things quickly and make a bot of money. Choose a popular location on a day with good weather though as you will be more likely to get more buyers. Also set up early as the serious buyers tend to get there very early.

Social Media

You will find that there are some social media pages where you can sell things. These could be a handy way to sell things online to local people. You will find that people will mainly be coming to collect the items.This is again best for lower value things.


If you have more valuable things then it could be a good idea to take them to a professional auction house. Although they will take a cut of what is made, they will know more about when to sell the items and where to advertise them so that they make the most money possible.