How to Make Money Selling Your Clutter

Many of us have items in our homes that we do not really use or even want any more. There are different things that we can do with them, perhaps throw them away, give them away or donate to charity. However, there is often money to be made from this sort of thing and it can be a good idea to think about where might be a good place to sell the things so that you can make some money from them.


EBay is the place that most people would think of when they want to sell things. It can be a good place but only if you have the right sorts of things to sell. For example, you will need to think carefully about the costs of selling on eBay as there will be fees for this and when you receive payment through Paypal there will be additional fees as well. This is fine, but you will need to make sure that you take these into account so that you charge enough to cover them. You will also find that certain things will sell a lot better. It is good to look at what has sold recently and for ho much so that you can get an idea of whether you should sell on the site of not. You will also find that sellers with a good reputation are likely to be able to make more money selling on eBay and so you need to look at your own reputation on eBay and check that it is in good standing. If you have very valuable items it can be risky selling them on eBay in an auction so make sure you have a reserve or that you sell at a fixed price so you do not end up selling for less than it is worth.


On Amazon, you can sell books and some other products as well. They will take a cut though, so you will need to make sure that you are selling items for enough money to be able to make enough money to cover this. It is important to note they take some of the postage as well as the selling amount. You will find that you can only sell items which are already listed on there, but you can make up listings for new items but they have to be approved. IT is not as straightforward to do this than on eBay.

Car boot sale

You could sell some items at a car boot sale. These are particularly good id you have lots of items that are not worth loads of money or a big random mix of things. You will not be able to raise loads of money at a car boot sale as buyers will be expecting to get a bargain. However, it can be an opportunity to get rid of a lot of things quickly and make a bot of money. Choose a popular location on a day with good weather though as you will be more likely to get more buyers. Also set up early as the serious buyers tend to get there very early.

Social Media

You will find that there are some social media pages where you can sell things. These could be a handy way to sell things online to local people. You will find that people will mainly be coming to collect the items.This is again best for lower value things.


If you have more valuable things then it could be a good idea to take them to a professional auction house. Although they will take a cut of what is made, they will know more about when to sell the items and where to advertise them so that they make the most money possible.

Are Fixed or Variable Rates Better?

When we look at interest rates, whether they are on loans or savings accounts, we will often notice that we have the option of either fixed or variable rates of interest. These can be rather confusing. It is a good idea to understand what they mean and how they should impact us when we are deciding which to go for.

What are Fixed and Variable Rates?

A fixed rate is a rate of interest which stays the same. This might be for the full term of the product or it might be for some of the time. Normally with a savings account it will be for the full term of the product. With a loan, it would possibly be only for some of the time but it will depend on the type of loan. With a mortgage it is likely to just be for a few years, but with a payday loan it will be for the whole term. There are pros and cons to each way of charging interest.

What are the Advantages of Each?

Having a fixed rate of interest means that you know exactly what to expect. So, whether you are making repayments on a loan or receiving interest on your savings, you will know how much you are going to get. For a loan, if you think that you will struggle if the repayments are any higher, then knowing that interest rate is fixed and cannot possibly go up, will be very helpful. With a savings account, if the interest rate seems pretty high, then knowing that it cannot go down can be good. It can be hard to find a good savings rate and if you have found a good one that is fixed then this could be a great thing.

What are the Disadvantages of Each?

With a fixed rate, it means that it cannot change. So, if interest rates go up and you have a fixed rate savings account, you will not be able to benefit from that rate increase. If you have a loan and the rates go down then you will not be able to benefit from the reduction.

Therefore, you will have to make a decision as to whether the stability of a fixed rate will suit you or whether you will be better off with a variable rate where you will take a risk but could benefit more. It could be that it is worth thinking about whether you feel that the interest rates are likely to change as well and if so, in what direction you think they might change in. If you have a loan and fear they will go up then perhaps you will want to go with a fixed rate to protect you form those changes. However, if you have a savings account you might be happy to have a variable rate and hope that it goes up. However, if rates are likely to fall you may want a fixed rate on your savings so that you do not see a drop but for a loan you may want to stick with the variable rate in the hope that it might fall. It can be very hard to predict what might happen, although the long term is much harder than the short term. Make sure that you plan for the worst with regards to loan repayments though. Imagine interest rates will go up and think about how well you will cope with that. If you fear you will not cope then it could be safer to go with a fixed rate. The same goes for savings in the sense that if you are relying on the interest for income, then make sure that you are able to cope with that amount going down if the rates fall and if you are not then perhaps find a fixed rate to secure it.

Is it Worth Using Shop Credit to Buy Now Pay Later?

There are quite a few shops which will offer the option to buy items right away and then pay for them at a later date. This can seem good, but there are disadvantages. It can be worth examining the pros and cons before you use this sort of deal to make sure that it really will benefit you.


  • If you want things that you cannot afford right now, then using this sort of deal means that you will be able to get it right away. You will not need to wait and save up or borrow money elsewhere to be able to buy it. This can mean that you will be able to get items that you really need or really want without delay.
  • You will be able to spread the cost of the item normally, so you will not have to find the money to pay for it all on one go. You will often be able to repay in instalments which hopefully, you will be able to afford.
  • Sometimes there is no additional cost to the item if you get the buy now, pay later deal. You will find that whether you buy it form that shop and pay immediately or later the cost will be the same.


  • There is often an additional cost when you have credit like this. You may have to pay an interest charge on it. If there is no interest charge, then the ticket price could be dearer compared with the same item or similar items that are sold in other shops. Make sure that you check this out and ensure that you are not paying more than necessary.
  • Spreading the cost can be very handy, especially if you are buying essentials but you have to be aware that if you miss a repayment then there will be a charge. So, you will need to be completely sure that you will be able to cover all of the repayments. It is wise to study your bank statements to be completely sure on this as these costs can be quite significant.
  • You could be tempted to buy something that you do not really need or that is more expensive than you would normally buy because it looks like such a good deal. Make sure that you are not being tempted to buy items that you may regret later.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about. You will need to make the decision based on your personal situation and thoughts though. If you do need something in an emergency then this could be a good way of buying it, but it is worth checking whether you can find it cheaper elsewhere and buy it with a loan. If this is possible then you will be able to compare the costs of doing each and see which looks like it would be the best for you to try out. Try to make sure that it is something that you will be able to afford though. To do this, find out how much the repayments will be and then study your bank account carefully to make sure that you are confident that you will be able to pay them. If you think you might struggle, then carefully look to see if there are ways that you could reduce how much you spend elsewhere so that you will have enough money. It is wise to also have a backup plan to cover you if you are in the situation where you are suddenly short of money and struggle to repay.

Top Five Easy Ways to Spend Less

There are many of us that wish that we could have more money available, perhaps to pay off debt or to increase the amount in our savings account. However, it can seem really difficult to be able to do this. Although earning more can be helpful, not everyone has this option and so it could be the case that spending less might be the way to go about it. However, this can seem really difficult, but there are things that we can try that should help.

Set a Budget

This is an important way to start. Make sure that you are very aware of how much money you have available to spend and then work out what you have to buy and how much it will cost. Then you will know what you have left to spend on other things. This is really important as it will allow you to make sure that you do not overspend and when you are deciding whether to buy certain things, you will know whether you have enough money to be able to do so. It might sound like hard work, but once you are used to doing it, it will come easy to you.

Compare Prices

It is a good idea to start comparing prices on everything that you are buying. Of course, it is not always wise to buy the cheapest of everything, but it is also good to make sure that you are not paying more than necessary. Therefore, it can be wise to compare brands and retailers to see whether you can get the items that you normally buy for less money. It might not be that tricky as you may be able to compare some prices online, without having to visit the actual shops themselves to check. Then you will be able to make sure that you keep your spending down. It can be the case that we may feel that certain retailers will always be cheaper but this may not be the case and it is well worth checking. Sometimes products might be cheaper because they are smaller, for example so check that out.

Buy Essentials First

IT is always wise to buy the essential items first. Although this won’t automatically mean that you will spend less money, it will enable you to see what money you have left after buying everything that you need. Then you will be able to decide whether you can afford to buy other things or not. Knowing what money you have available may make you spend less of it.

Shop Less Often

If you shop less often then it is likely that you will not spend so much money. This is because when we shop we are often tempted to buy more than we need. This could be because we are tempted by offers and good marketing and we could end up with a lot of things that we did not really need. Therefore, if we can avoid shopping so often then we will not be so tempted by these things. It could also be wise to unsubscribe form newsletters form places where you get tempted to buy things that perhaps you realise you should not really be buying.

Use a List

Often we will use a list when we are shopping for groceries, but it is wise to use one for any shopping that we do. This is because we should be making sure that we buy everything that we need and not more than we need. By buying everything that we need, we will not need to shop again so soon either which will mean that we will be able to wait longer between shopping trips. It will also mean that we focus on what we need to buy and will hopefully not buy things we do not need. Sometimes it is hard to remember what we do and do not need and we can overbuy, but with a list we will not do this.

Will a New Car be Too Expensive?

If you are thinking of buying a new car, then it is well worth considering whether it will be too expensive. There are lots of costs associated with buying a car and lots of areas where you may have to pay more money. Therefore, it is well worth considering all of the costs very carefully before deciding whether to get one.

Cost of the Car

The cost of the car might be the only thing that you think of initially. This is a big chunk of the cost but there are other costs to consider as well. However, think about what value for money you are getting form the car and whether it is worth what you are paying. If you are buying a brand new car, then it will lose money as soon as you drive it home and you need to consider whether this is something that you are prepared to do. Second hand cars can offer better value for money because of this, but as they have had previous owners then you need to be cautious about the condition of the car. If you know what to look for then you will find choosing one easier, but if you do not, then it could be a good idea to go with a dealer as you will have some come back if you get problems with it. It is a good idea to do some research first and find out what the normal asking price is for the type of car that you are considering buying and then you can use that to help you decide if you are getting good value for money.


The insurance costs on your car will vary depending on the car that you choose to drive. Therefore, it can be a good idea to research this first and try to choose a car that is not expensive to insure. The cost of the car will have some bearing but there will also be some models which are cheaper to insure than others.


The tax on the car can also be something which you will need to think about. There are different tax bands and they are partly determined by the size of the vehicle as well as how environmentally friendly they are. It is good to be aware of which band the vehicle you are looking at will be in. The seller should be able to tell you this information so that you can check out the price.

Services and Repairs

Some cars will be cheaper to service and repair than others. This is because some have parts which wear out more quickly and some have parts which are more expensive. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that you do a bit of research to find out what the prices are likely to be like compared to other makes and models so that you can factor this in to your decision.

So, although buying the car itself will be a big financial hit, it is also worth considering the running costs. These vary between between different cars and they could have a significant impact on you as well. If you are paying out a lot of money for these things, then you could find that you will struggle to cover the costs as well as other things that you need to pay for. Therefore, make sure that you know what to expect with regards to these costs and this will help you to make sure that you choose a car that you will be confident that you will be able to afford.