We decided that one of the best things that we could do to help people was to help them with finances. This is because every person has to make financial decisions every day and these have an impact on their lives. We wanted to make sure that people not only understand the importance of this but also to help them to make the best decisions that they can. This is something which can be difficult for us and because many of us have not had much education in this area it makes it more difficult. It is not something which is taught in schools and it is often something parents don’t talk to their children about either. Thankfully the information is now being taught in school now to some extent but a lot of adults did not get this information and therefore have nothing to go on with regards to the decisions being made about finance. We hope that we can help this by providing useful information. We have information on different areas which should be helpful to most people and we hope that we will be able to provide guidance for lots of people so they will have a better understanding of things that they should be doing with their money and how they can stay better in control. It is not that we are blaming people, but we feel that we need to allow people to make much needed changes so that they can improve their situation.